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Creating professional 2D animated explainer videos can be a very rewarding and profitable project. It can be easily done with the help of 2d animation software.  If done correctly, these videos can help your business or product reach a wider audience and generate more sales. 

However, creating high-quality explainer videos requires careful planning and execution. This guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to create successful 2D animated explainer videos.

Creating Professional 2D Animated Explainer Videos.

What are 2D Animated Explainer Videos?

An Animated Explainer Video is a marketing tool that utilizes animation to communicate a message to a wider audience. 

Animated Explainer Videos (AEXVs) are short, animated videos that use explanatory graphics and text to help viewers understand complex topics. 

They are usually about two minutes long and are embedded in articles or subscription-based content, such as newsletters. 

An Animated Explainer Video is designed to provide viewers with an in-depth understanding of a product, service, idea, or concept. 

It is typically designed to be engaging and entertaining and can be used to promote products, services, or ideas, promote a company, or explain an idea more clearly to a wider audience. 

Explainer videos are a great way to teach your customers, clients, or members about something new. In essence, it's a video that educates and entertains at the same time.

How to Create Professional 2D Animated Explainer Videos?

To create a professional 2D animated explainer video, start by coming up with an idea. This idea should be specific, concise, and easy to understand. 

Once you have your idea, start sketching out a rough layout. This layout will provide you with the basic structure of the video.

Next, begin animating your ideas. Use the animation software that you prefer to create realistic and engaging visuals. 

When you're finished, export your video and upload it to your website or YouTube channel.

Why do they work so well?

AEXVs work because they're visual and simple. 

They use easy-to-understand graphics and animation to introduce complex topics quickly while avoiding jargon or difficult terminology. 

As a result, AEXVs are especially well-suited for introductions or overviews- where clarity and simplicity are critical.

Why Animated Explainer Videos Are So Effective?

Animated explainer videos are a great way to communicate complex information in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. 

And they’re especially effective when it comes to conveying difficult concepts like health risks or technical details about products. There are many reasons why animated explainer videos work so well. 

First of all, they use animation—a graphical style that is often more visually appealing than text-based explanations—to make the content easier to understand.

Animated Explainer Videos (AEXV) are among the most popular and effective forms of content on the internet. They work by using a simple yet powerful premise- people like to know what's going on.

By providing a simple, visually appealing introduction to complex topics, AEXVs help people understand what they're reading or watching, and keep them engaged.

Difference between 2d Animation and an Explainer Video

Animation is a 2d or 3d form of visual representation that uses drawings, paintings, photographic images, video clips, or computer-generated images to simulate the appearance of movement. 

Animation allows us to visualize ideas and concepts in a way that would be difficult or impossible with just text alone. 

This type of visualization can save time and money while conveying complex information. 

It is used to create television commercials, movies, and other video content. 2d animation is often used in commercial settings because it is faster to produce. 

An explainer video is an explanatory film typically used on websites as part of online sales processes such as product demonstrations, how-to, FAQ sections, etc. 

Explainer Video is used to illustrate a concept or action. 

An Explainer Video is usually more opinionated and explanatory than 2d animation. Because explainer videos are so important, it's worth spending some time planning them. 

Planning means thinking about the video's purpose, its message, and its target audience. Without careful planning, an explainer video can end up feeling unintuitive and ineffective.

How to create an effective 2D Animated Explainer Video?

To create an effective AEXV, it's important to follow a few guidelines. 

First and foremost, ensure that your video is visually appealing. 

Make use of colorful graphics and visuals to grab people's attention. 

Likewise, make sure your explainer video is easy to follow. 

Use clear and concise text, and focus on explaining only what's necessary. 

Additionally, make sure your footage is representative of your topic.

For example, if you're explaining the history of a country, including footage of historical events and landmarks.

Animated Explainer Videos are extremely popular and effective tools for conveying complex information. 

They're simple to understand, visually appealing, and easy to follow, making them ideal for introductions and overviews. 

As a result, make sure to follow a few guidelines when creating your own AEXV. Doing so will ensure that your video is both effective and user-friendly.

The steps for creating a professional 2D animated explainer video are as follows:

1. Get started

2. Do the magic

3. Go viral

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Tips for creating an effective 2D animated explainer video like a pro:

Tips for creating successful Animated Explainer Videos include making a video that is well-executed and engaging, taking time to plan and research the video concept before beginning production, and carefully choosing the video content to ensure it is accurate and informative. 

A good explainer video is a key marketing tool that can help to explain your product or service in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.

To create an engaging and well-made explainer video, it is important to have a clear vision for the project, begin with high-quality research, and use engaging animation and design to create a polished finished product.

There are a number of key ingredients that make up a good explainer video, including clear and concise writing, stunning visuals, and engaging audio.

To create a great explainer video, start with a clear vision, use high-quality research, and use animation and design to create a polished finished product.

Creating an explainer video is a great way to educate your customers and introduce new products. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just need some tips, follow these simple steps: 

1. Choose Your Topic There are dozens of topics that you could use for an animated explainer video.

2. Start by narrowing down the topic you want to cover. For example, if you sell dietary supplements, you can make videos on different types of vitamins. 

Animation Has Something For Every Niche

Today's businesses are not only limited to traditional marketing channels like television, radio, and print. 

Now, with a few clicks of a button, businesses can reach a global audience through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

It's all about engaging your audience, building relationships, and creating content that is relevant and interesting to them with the help of animated explainer videos.


Professional Animation Videos for Bloggers            Making Videos for Youtube Channels



Create Animated Explainer Videos for Different Fields.

That's where bloggers, affiliate marketers, eCom store owners, YouTube channel owners, digital marketers, coaches, small businesses, and local consultants come in. 

These individuals and businesses have embraced social media marketing and are using it to reach new heights.

How Explainer Video Software Can Improve Your Marketing?

2D Animated Explainer Videos works in many sectors.

Explainer video software is software that enables you to make explainer videos that are perfect for your business. 

It is a perfect tool for promoting your products or services and increasing sales.

It is a type of marketing that can be used to create engaging and informative videos. 

These videos are designed to help people understand complex topics in an easy-to-understand way. 

All you need is to use this software and then you can create high-quality videos that will help you sell more products or services. 

It allows you to create professional-looking videos that will improve your reach and impact on the internet. 

Finally, using exploder video software can help you to increase your sales.

To Create Your Own 2D Animation Explainer Video, the software must have the following features:


It is a simple, easy-to-use technology that is capable of delivering more content with less effort. 

It has many other features such as built-in images, and transitions that are more than ever before. 

Simplistic technologies can help make users’ experiences more enjoyable. For example, they can be animated. 

This can help to make the user’s experience more fun and engaging. 

Additionally, they can have user-friendly interface designs that are easy to understand.

Easy To Customize:

It enables you to create complex videos without the need for external files. 

You can also use animated text to create simple and basic videos without the need for any programming. 

Using a modern user interface is a beneficial way to improve the user experience. 

The interface is easy to use, the technology is easy to customize, and the voiceovers are automated. All of these factors make the user experience more enjoyable.

Lengthy :

You can create videos that are up to 25 minutes in length and that feature more images and transitions than ever before with no extra costs or headaches when creating your visual content.

Personalized content:

Personalized content is becoming increasingly important and essential as people connect with information more selectively. 

Displaying personalized content can help build a relationship with your audience, which in turn can result in increased sales and conversions. 

Additionally, personalizing your content allows you to reach out to the individuals most interested in what you have to say—a powerful tool for increasing visibility and influence.

Good Typography:

Effective typography looks great on any screen size making your audience awe.

Impressive transitions will also impress viewers so that users feel like they are talking directly to you, plus much more!

How to make an effective transition from one section of your presentation to the next?

When making a transition, it is important to ensure that the new section is effective and relevant.

One way to do this is to use new characters. This will ensure that they are able to quickly and easily follow your presentation.

Additionally, effective transitions are usually accompanied by effective typography. This means that your text will be well-organized, legible, and easy to read.

The importance of good typography when creating presentations:

When it comes to good typography, it uses characters as the key. This is because they provide a level of sophistication and detail not found in other fonts. 

In addition, they are easy to read and understand. This means that even the most difficult information will be easily comprehended by your audience. 

Additionally, good typography also ensures that your presentation is personalizable. This means that it will be unique for each individual attending it, ensuring that they feel like they are getting the most out of your presentation.

Additionally, good typography, personalization, and rapid personalization are all key when presenting in a dynamic and engaging way.

The Benefits of 2D Animated Explainer Videos:

The benefits of using a modern user interface are many. Some of the benefits include the fact that the interface is easy to use, the technology is easy to customize, and the voiceovers are automated. 

All of these factors make the user experience more enjoyable.

It is important to have easy customization options when designing technology products. 

This allows users to customize their experiences to their own preferences. 

Additionally, it allows them to spend less time trying to figure out how to use the product and more time doing what they want to do.

Sound affects users’ experience with technology in a number of ways. 

For example, it can provide a sense of depth and realism to the user’s experience. Additionally, sound effects can help to keep users engaged with the technology.

You can also use automated voiceovers to add an extra layer of professionalism to your projects. 

Finally, text animations will help your pages look more lively and engaging!

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