How to block an Email Address?

There are some easy steps that can be used for blocking an email address. These are listed below:

I. First open your email account by logging in to your email account using your username and password.

II. Then find an email in your inbox from the sender you want to block.

III. Click on the email to open it.

IV. Now look for the sender's email address, which is usually displayed in the "From" field.

V. Then click on "Block" or "Report spam".

Depending on your email service provider, you may see a "Block" or "Report spam" option. Click on this option to block the sender.

VI. Confirm that you want to block the sender. This may involve clicking a button that says "OK" or "Confirm."

VII. Check the blocked senders list (optional)

Check your email settings to see if there is a blocked senders list. If there is, make sure that the sender's email address is listed.

VIII. Unblock the sender (optional)

If you want to unblock the sender in the future, go to your blocked senders list and remove their email address.

These are the general steps for blocking an email address, but the specific process may vary depending on the email service provider you use.     

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